Corporate Programs

Innovation and Transformation for your organization's profiles

In this training to companies we create programs to measure in the digital areas that the company needs to strengthen strong. The training to companies we offer is customized and customized according to the company’s requirements.

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We promote fluency in critical technical areas

Stay updated

Rapid advances in technology are affecting companies and industries around the world. Your employees must constantly acquire and update skills.

Nourish the Demand Skills

Technical skills are increasingly important for every functional area of your organization, including information science, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Address the Talent gap

Improving the capacity of your existing workforce is the most effective way to prepare your organization for the future and to counter the prevailing shortage of specialized talents.


Training for companies that is aimed at all sectors that need to start or develop their transformation through the different departments. Once the training needs have been detected, we will offer the keys to start the digitalization process, taking advantage of people’s talent.

Corporate Programs

People are the core assets of a business. Create and form a workforce adapted to the new emerging digital economy, ensuring trouble-free operations at all levels of your organization. With our training to companies we help you to obtain profitability to your company.


Dedicated to executive members of an organization. The programs provide the most crucial bases and parts to redesign the company's strategy.

By departments

The needs and reality of each company and are usually based on the transformation of key departments or specialization in specific topics of the digital business.


Tailored programs designed to meet the needs of your business and employee profiles.


1-day programs focused 100% on the practice and implementation of new innovation methodologies.

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Advantages of Nuclio Digital School

  • Course curriculum built with industry leaders, for industry leaders.
  • End-to-End solution managed.
  • Evaluations that provide customization and predictability.
  • Real hands projects in the real world.
  • Saving Recycling vs hiring new talents