Cybersecurity Specialist

Learn the basics of cybersecurity and make an approach to one of the most emergin profession. An intensive program that will allow you to specialize and enhance your professional profile in a few weeks.

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Short program in Cybersecurity

At Nuclio Digital School we are aware that the student has to be the center of the training process. Through these Short Programs, we offer you a program focused on the reality of the current digital environment, with highly specialized topics that are highly demanded by the todays industry.

The Cybersecurity Specialist has an intensive practical methodology and the classes are done through Live Streaming. The idea is to simulate the day to day in a technology company guided by active professionals with huge experience in the technology sector.

Specialize your porfile through this program and prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.

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October 2020
Online | Live streaming
Course duration
4 weeks

With the Cybersecurity Specialist course you will find a program adapted to the digital environment and to the real challenges of tomorrow.

Program Goals

Learn the basics of cybersecurity and how to keep yourself and your server clean off malware. Furthermore all you also get to know the basics of penetration testing, the art of hacking into your own systems so that evil hackers cannot.

Protect your systems and don’t get infected with malware that ruin your business. Malware can be very costly so you need to invest in knowledge now to save money later.


Cybersecurity Specialist

Module 1.
Basics of cybersecurity


Module 2.
Basics of penetration testing


Module 3.
Social engineering – the main entrance of malware

Module 4.
Protection of web applications


Module 5.
Password security


Module 6.
Practice time with ctf hacking game


Cedric Mössner

Lecturer on all areas of computer science, from simple topics such as programming in Python, Java & Co to topics for computer science master's programs such as theoretical cryptography.


PRICE: €1.920 | Check out our scholarships and financing plans.