Product Manager Role

The transformation of business management has led to a change in the design of the strategies, in which project management was given more importance. And currently, product-centric management has proven to be more efficient. Therefore, new market needs have led that profiles such as the Product Manager to emerge, which despite being a very recent profile in the labor market but is increasingly in demand within it.

The Product Manager Role

A Product manager is the person in charge of leading the product strategy and the ultimately responsible for managing the product throughout its lifecycle, since conception through end-of-life.

The Marketing Mix process focuses on the product phase creating a strategic line where defines the vision, strategy and roadmap. Always, ensuring that the product supports the company’s strategy and goals.

A key component of the Product Manager role is that is a market expert. Responsible for identifying the products that addresses a market need and represents a business opportunity. Basically is the person who identifies the success for a product.

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Some of the main functions of a Product Manager are:

  • Understand customer needs
  • Develops positioning for the product
  • Understand the market and developing competitive analyses
  • Develop product pricing and positioning strategies
  • Improve the product following the KPI’s
  • Motivate the team and are responsible for the outcome
Robin Weninger, professor of the Digital Product Management Master presents the program.

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