Data Science


What is data science?

Data science combines multiple disciplines from computer science to statistics, as well as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and statistical learning to process data, analyze it and make statistical forecasts for businesses.

For this reason, the Data Scientist has to be someone who “is better at statistics than any programmer, and a better programmer than any statistician” (Josh Wills).

Being an expert in this role requires a symbiosis between technical knowledge of data science programming languages (such as Python and SQL) and personal skills, such as intellectual curiosity, business knowledge, and effective communication.

Did you know that the average annual salary of
a Data Analyst is € 38,700?

Why is training in Data Science important?

Nowadays, big data is driving the world: It is assumed that 90% of the world’s data was born in the last two years.

Now more than ever, thanks to technological advances in data collection, companies have an incredible amount of data at their disposal, which can be a competitive advantage and bring transformative benefits for businesses.

However, it can also be overwhelming to interpret. Here is where Data Scientists come in: they analyze the data and translate it to make business decisions.

Data has become the most valuable asset for businesses. The big data market is forecast to reach €103 billion by 2027, and companies from all over the world and from any sector, need professionals who know how to handle large amounts of data and analytical tools.

As a result, the job market in data science is booming: According to Indeed, job postings for Data Scientist positions grew by 253% between December 2013 and January 2019, and the Data Scientist role will be the most in-demand in 2022.


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