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Change your life in this intensive 16-weeks coding Bootcamp in an entrepreneurship environment.
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Learn to code and live the life you want.

Start Date

May 2020




16 Weeks


15 weeks online + 1 week on campus in Barcelona

Live an immersive experience of 16 weeks of work within a web development team as a true Full Stack Developer.

The Full Stack Developer Bootcamp is designed for people who want to change their career, to improve their position, recent graduates and entrepreneurs. And it will allow you in a short time to acquire the knowledge in frontend, backend and databases, using the languages most used in the industry today.

Our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp consists of an intensive online training in web application development, given by a team composed of experienced developers and teaching assistants. In just 16 weeks, you’ll learn all the programming languages, methodologies and tools you need to be fully autonomous.

By studying at Nuclio School, you will immerse yourself in an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship that will allow you to learn much more than just coding.

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Our methodology

Simulates the environment of a tech company through the entire Bootcamp.

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Team Building and Project Assignment
The first step in your journey will be to choose the team you will work with and the client you will develop the project for.


Backlog with Product Owner and definition of priorities
It's time to order your ideas with the team, divide the tasks, assign them a priority and a manager, along with the product owner of the project.


Development of functionalities and Sprints Reviews
Develop each of the features of your project within each of the sprints depending on the stage of the Bootcamp in which you are.


Validation of versions and Sprints
Adapt yourself with commits, branches and deploy during the Sprints validation phase.


Presentation of the project to the client
Compete with your web development team for the best project before an expert committee.

Academic content

Learn how to use the tools that will allow you to develop applications throughout the Master. GIT, Docker, and Scrum management methodology.

  • GIT
  • Docker
  • Scrum

In this module we will learn how to develop the visual part of the applications. We will learn how to work with React in a development environment and we will see how our web application interacts with the user.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Java Script
  • React
  • React native
  • Redux


Data visualization D3.js

After acquiring a solid base in Frontend, we will learn how to connect the database through Laravel.

  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Beyond Laravel


Web Scraping with Node.js

Finally we will learn how to use MySQL, the relational database system most used by companies. We will also see other types of databases.

  • MySQL
  • Indexes
  • Datawarehouses
  • Metabases
  • Beyond SQL and NoSQL


NLP with python

Final Project

Present before a jury the project that you have been working on throughout the master. A social network platform, an accommodation offer platform, or a fast-food delivery platform.

Stage in Barcelona (Optative)

In the last week there will be a stage at the campus in Barcelona where the contents learned will be reviewed, intensive work days will be held and projects will be presented.


During the course, we will have professional experts in the sector, who will tell us about success stories and projects in which they have participated.

Guillermo Blasco

Director of the Full Stack Developer Bootcamp

CTO at Bloobirds the all-in-one outbound sales platform

After going through technology consulting in various companies, he participated in three technological entrepreneurship projects such as CTO. At present, he is a professor of one hundred students in the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at the University of Barcelona.


Carlos Arenas

Lead developer at Bloobirds

I'm Carlos Arenas, lead developer at Bloobirds with extensive Full-stack experience. I have had a career in consulting firms as well as startups. I am currently a professor of fourth and third subjects of the computer engineering career at the University of Barcelona.

Me podéis encontrar en LinkedIn por Carlos Arenas Ferriz.
Guillermo Blasco

CTO at Bloobirds - Director of the Program

After going through technology consulting, he participated in three technological entrepreneurship projects such as CTO. Now he is a professor of one hundred students in the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at the UB.
Eudald Arranz

CTO of Nested

Computer engineer from the University of Barcelona. I currently lead the technology team at Nested, the office airbnb!

For whom is this Full Stack Developer Bootcamp?

Career Change

The Nuclio Digital School Intensive Programming Course will give you in a short period of time the necessary skills to incorporate into the programming ecosystem with assured success.


You can take advantage of the best Spanish Venture Builder, Nuclio. If you plan to create a personal project, you will have direct contact with the best Nuclio mentors.

Recent Graduates

If you have just finished your studies and you already know that you want to focus your career towards the world of programming, with our intensive programmes you are assured an entry into the world of work, you will be prepared to face all the challenges from day one.

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