Storytelling through Analytics

Can one use data to tell a story? Not only is this possible, but it is also an incredible resource for backing up strategic decisions and pitching new ideas at work. Through this minor, you will learn to retrieve, clean and use data to your advantage with data-driven tools that will help you in all of your business quandaries.

Every week

3 hours online to learn at your own pace

2 practical hours: Saturdays from 9am to 1am in

live streaming with the best professionals in the market

1 challenge to develop


Guillermo Álvarez

Data Scientist at Wondo

Contenido semanal


The era of data revolution: what is it and what to do with it

Mentored activity

Introductory practice with Knime


Telling stories with data & visualitzation

Mentored activity

Visualization lab with PowerBI


From data to knowledge

Mentored activity

Cleaning & exploratory analysis exercise with selected dataset


Modelling relations & data biases to be avoided

Mentored activity

Modelling lab