Digital Product Management : Student Experience

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“My ultimate goal is to establish a business that will bring value to customers through best digital solutions.”

The reason why she chose this program

Amina wanted to study a program that would give her an in-depth understanding of this specialty and more career focus moving forward. She wants to create her own business and over the past 15 years, her journey towards this goal has been curving at best. She is currently a Director of Marketing and Communications with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry.

Amina’s evolution during the Master

The Digital Product Management program has provided her with one of the most rewarding personal and career development practices. She is continuosly learning about techniques, ideas and key solutions that not only serve her to be a Digital Product Manager but also for her current career as a Director of Marketing and Communications.

The experience of studying an online program

From Amina’s point of view, studying an online program is a truly wholesome student experience and she appreciates hearing different opinions that might differ from her own. She also highlights the possibility to connect with one another outside the classroom by using Slack, a great platform. Amina personally finds the teachers sincerely passionate, enthusiastic and engaging.

“The Master in Digital Product Management has fully prepared me to lead my own business in the future.”

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