Data Science Master

This Master in Data Science will grant you the necessary skills to enter or specialize in the field of Big Data and Analytics; from the acquisition and integration of data, to the productivization of mathematical models based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques.


Online / Streaming + 1 Week in Barcelona

Start Date

September 2021


17 weeks

The companies where our lecturers work

Data Scientists are in high demand


17 weeks


Part-Time / Online

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According to Indeed, available positions for Data Scientists have grown a whopping 253% from December 2013 and January 2019. The number of qualified candidates, however, has grown at a much slower pace due to the complex nature of this role: professionals must fluently combine knowledge related to software, statistics and mathematics and complement it with a business strategy perspective.

Having this context in mind, our Master in Data Science has been designed to enable students through a complete experience that has a practical approach through every phase of the data analysis process; from data acquisition and integration, to the productivity of mathematical models that are based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques.

This program is an intensive course that tackles 16 weeks of practical training and is based on best-in-class experiences of the Data Analysis industry, allowing students to gain a knowledge base which aligns with the competences that are needed in this market and further developing their professional career; whether that is to enhance their current skills, to change the path of their career, or to find new opportunities within the world of Big Data and Analytics.

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Academic Content

Learning with Nuclio Digital School means breaking the traditional University model:

An intensive Bootcamp as a way to optimize your time and efforts. In a short period of time, you will learn exactly what you need to develop your professional skills and specialize in the digital sector.

Our Learning By Doing methodology guarantees that you will acquire the necessary skills to be employed in any of the professional paths that are outlined for this course.

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Before the program even starts you will make sure your programming and statistical skills are primed and ready through this pre-course work from Datacamp.

Congratulations! You have officially begun your journey as a Data Scientist. You will learn the basics before delving into the world of data science.

  • Data Strategy and Data Driven Companies.
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
  • Data Architectures and Platforms.

By the end of this intense and very practical module you will become a whiz of Python and SQL, the two programming languages that are most used within Data Science.

  • Python.
  • SQL.

You will learn to represent data trends, to select metrics for each particular business and to exploit data for decision-making purposes.

  • Data Cleaning.
  • Data Transformation.
  • Data Visualization.

We have made it halfway through! This is the core of the program and what will be your own core skill as a modern-day Data Scientist. You will learn about the fundamentals of every predictive algorithm, all while working on a Machine Learning project based on the models seen in class.

  • Supervised learning – Labeling.
  • Supervised learning – Regression.
  • Supervised learning – Time Series.
  • Non-Supervised learning – Clustering and collaborative filtering.
  • Reinforcement learning.

This is one of the most advanced areas within the world of AI. In this module, we will develop algorithms that simulate neural functioning and that will be able to recognise patterns in images, texts, and sounds.

  • Computer Vision with CNN.
  • Sentiment Analysis with RNN.
  • Transfer Learning.
  • Natural Language generation.

You will learn to use Flask in order to put your predictive models into practice.

  • Machine Learning model productionization with Flask

Almost done! In this module you will delve into the world of Project Management within the context of Data Science, commercialization and any legal must-know when it comes to data exploitation.

  • Data Science Project Management.
  • Commercialization of Data Science projects.
  • Scale model operations.
  • Legal and ethical concerns within Data Science.

Professional opportunities

After finishing the Online Master in Data Science, students will have the necessary knowledge to apply for positions such as:
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  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Translator


July 19 – 23, 2021

Student Week

All the students of the Online Master in Data Science are invited to visit Barcelona at the end of the program in order to carry out their final project presentation at Nuclio Digital School.

Furthermore, the Student week in Barcelona will allow them to visit relevant companies in and around the city center (startups, SMEs and multinational companies), apart from participating in networking activities and complementary lectures focusing on transversal skills, leadership and project management.


Juan Águila

Predictive & Digital Analytics Director at Caixabanl Business Intelligence

Juan holds a double degree in Engineering and a Master’s degree in computational Mathematics, with 8+ years of experience in Data Science and Business Intelligence. He has successfully developed and implemented more than 100 projects related to Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Currently he is the Director of Predictive and Digital Analytics at Caixabank Business Intelligence, where he leads a team of 20 Data Scientists who develop predictive models for every line of business within Caixabank Group.

Felipe Calderero

Global Head of Data Science at Glovo

Felipe currently leads the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence strategy at Glovo, having previously held AI innovation leadership roles within companies such as EY, Deloitte and Telefonica. He holds a Phd in Artificial Intelligence applied to image and video understanding (Computer Vision) as well as an M.S in Electrical Engineering. As a researcher, he was awarded with the CBMI 2008 Best Student Paper Award, the IEEE 125th Anniversary Student Award, and a Marie Curie grant to work as scientific researcher for the Medical Image Division of Siemens Healthcare in Erlangen, Germany, amongst others.

Our Scholarships

In a world where digital has become the cornerstone of our economy, we offer you these scholarships in order to encourage the digital formation.

Young Talent

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Nuclio Digital School wants to support young, talented individuals as they take on the challenge of leading the digital revolution. We strongly believe in youth potential to enter and transform the tech industry, and what better way to do so than being mentored in the school that is leading the digital transformation of the education industry.

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The Career Development scholarship is intended specifically for professionals who want to develop and enhance their skills and digital competencies; thus escalating their career development to include the most in-demand positions.


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Nuclio Digital School is located in one of the most cutting-edge, technological hubs in Europe; as such, we want to offer our entrepreneurs the extra guidance and support to accelerate their own projects. Therefore, if you have a business idea, we encourage you to apply to this scholarship.

Women Empowerment

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This scholarship is dedicated to the high achieving, intellectual, female leaders of tomorrow, who deserve this complementary opportunity to boost their remarkable stance and position in the tech sector, the labour market, and the world as a whole.

Career & Talent Service

Our Career & Talent initiative is designed into 2 journeys of 4 phases each, giving you the preparation you need to help you succeed in all of your professional ventures.

Are you seeking a successful job position?


This track focuses on enhancing your skills and your projection at a professional level to get further in your career.

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This track focuses on providing the entrepreneur with all the tools and facilities necessary to launch your project.


Juan Aguila
Juan Águila

Predictive & Digital Analytics Director at Caixabank Business Intelligence

Profesor del máster en data science
Felipe Calderero

Global Head of Data Science at Glovo

Christa Santos

Data Scientist at Microsoft

Laura Roman

Senior Manager Data Scientist at Caixabank Business Intelligence

Polly Zhao

Data Scientist at Glovo

Pedro Costa del Amo
Pedro Costa del Amo

Senior Data Scientist at IQVIA

Isidre Royo
Isidre Royo

Product Manager Analytic Solutions at OpenText

Joanne George
Joanne George

Connecting data, Tech & People


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