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We offer the most compressive digital training with Master’s degrees and specialized intensive courses in Data Science, Digital Product Manager, UX / UI Design, and Digital Marketing via streaming.
You can also choose to live the experience of studying at our campus-based in Barcelona or Madrid any of our courses in Spanish.

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Most popular masters 

Most popular masters 

Data Science Master

Learn all the stages of the data analysis process, from data acquisition and integration to the productization of mathematical models based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques.

  • Methodology: Streaming
  • Campus: Online
  • Duration: 17 weeks

Digital Product Management

Learn all the techniques and skills that a Product Manager needs to devise, create and manage a successful Digital Product.

  • Methodology: Streaming
  • Campus: Online
  • Duration: 16 weeks


Get a 360º view of the technology that is revolutionizing the planet with the Master in Blockchain cco-created by Nuclio Digital School & Binance

  • Methodology: Streaming
  • Campus: Online
  • Duration: 16 weeks + 4 weeks minors

Digital Training Streaming

Do not give up anything. Now you can train wherever and whenever you want with our unique methodology that guarantees the best remote experience. You will also be part of the Nuclio community with access to all the benefits, events, networking, and much more!

Looking for some adventure? Study from our Sagrada Familia campus located in the center of the city. You will be part of our Technological Hub of Barcelona Tech City, the nerve center of entrepreneurship, just a few meters from the sea!
Enjoy weekly events, networking, and numerous benefits of being part of the startup ecosystem.

Live the experience of studying from the new Madrid campus located in the Salamanca district and surrounded by the most cutting-edge startups in Europe! It has extensive facilities with lots of natural light., you can also enjoy large rest areas with the coffee area, co-working spaces to advance your projects, and attend our networking events.

What to Study?

Digital Business & Management

Having a global vision in the development of the project, adding value to products and services by always putting the user at the center, will help us to guarantee the sustainable growth of the company.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is mandatory to successfully position your website in search engines, generate quality web traffic, growth hacking strategies, acquire and retain customers or automate campaigns. They are the most demanded digital skills in the market.

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UX/UI Design

It is the nexus between business and customer. It helps focus the business products to achieve the greatest benefit possible and solving the customer’s needs, offering the best experience. Specialize and design your future success.

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Data Science

Integrating Big Data analysis into your business strategy is essential to process the large volume of data. Capture, process, store, predict and analyze them to draw conclusions and help the company make the best decisions.

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Human Resources

Spanish program
We are living in a technological revolution where human resources are the spearhead of this revolution. Join the new generation of RR. H H. It is a must to attract, manage and retain the best digital talent on the market.

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Web Development

Spanish program
The digital revolution is growing in tandem with programming languages. The digital services that we use are distributed on the web and new methodologies, technologies, and frameworks are emerging more and more. Train yourself in the profession of the present and future in which you will not be able to stop training.

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Spanish program
The digital transformation has led to an increase in technological risks and more and more companies are affected. It has become essential to have computer security tools to protect your system against cyberattacks.

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Not sure which sector to choose? Discover how compatible you are with the most demanded digital profiles on the market. Receive personalized advice from experts in each of the Tech profiles.

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Reviews about Nuclio Digital School

How 5 months can
transform my professional career?

You will be surprised if we affirm that in just a few months, you can acquire the same knowledge as studying for a whole year.

How to do it? The answer is to immerse yourself in the knowledge and practical experience of a training area. Our intensive master´s degrees are programs that have been designed by product teams, specialists from the education sector, and experts, who are currently active in positions of responsibility in startups and large corporations. The most practical approach uses the learning by doing methodology in classes with small groups of students.

Our students face real challenges that simulate the day-to-day role for which they are being trained. In addition, the agendas are reviewed and updated along with market demand, standing out for being a trend in technology and tools in each sector offered. The duration is four months, so agile methodologies and sprints are applied, and this way students achieve the results. Finally, our network of teachers stands out, active professionals who use the most up-to-date techniques on the market, guaranteeing practical learning.


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“It is clear that we have to reinvent ourselves. If there is an obvious reading that we must make from now on, it is that to keep up with the market we have to constantly recycle ourselves and adapt the brand strategy to the new changes caused by digital transformation.” – Jared Gil, CEO Nuclio Digital School.

What this pandemic has achieved is to accelerate a process that we have already been living in in recent years: the transition of thousands of profiles from a traditional industry to a much more digital one. The job positions in companies are evolving the profile of the worker and, for this reason, it is so important to train employees with those skills and soft skills that the market demands in a fast, intensive and practical way.

At Nuclio Digital School, we focus our training on helping profile reskilling, professional reorientation, and training people, to lead the digital transformation in companies.

Benefits of our programs

Personalized, exclusive and collaborative classes.

The best active professionals in the sector.

Acquire knowledge through Learning by Doing.

More than 300 companies are part of our ecosystem.

Possibility of studying where and when you want.

3 awards in digital educational excellence 2021.

Companies that hire
our students

With the new Career & Talent Service initiative, you receive personalized advice to meet your professional goals to enter the world of work or start your own project successfully.

Our graduates are selected by large corporates and innovative startups in the tech sector for their ability to face the real challenges of the business world.

Companies that hire our students

With the new Career & Talent Service initiative, you receive personalized advice to meet your professional goals to enter the world of work or start your own project successfully.

Our graduates are selected by large corporates and innovative startups in the tech sector for their ability to face the real challenges of the business world.

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