How much does a web developer earn? (Salaries 2023)

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Are you wondering how much a web developer earns? Today we want to talk about salary ranges in the programming world.

There is something that most people agree on: in the coming years, a large part of the workers who want to stay in the labour market will have to be able to handle computer tools and technological platforms.

While it is true that some sectors currently have a long way to go, others are well-established. These are constantly evolving and are increasingly in demand.

Can you get an idea about some with incredible potential?

Your answer is likely to be related to the programming sector

What are the reasons for the rise of the profession?

The boom in the various specialisations of programmers is indisputable. Job offers in this sector are increasing year after year, and no single event has been able to slow down this growth.

Last year alone, different job portals reported an increase of up to 21% in IT-related job offers in Spain. With such positive data, it is normal to wonder why this incessant increase.聽

Here are some of the key catalysts:


Since the fourth industrial revolution (in which we are immersed), digital professions have increased exponentially. The development of smart devices and new communication technologies have taken on a leading role in society.

The importance of data

Data has become a key factor in the success of many companies. Thanks to effective data management, companies can predict and anticipate future problems.

New business models

The advent of digital transformation has led to the emergence of new digital business models. Such companies have emerged to meet the needs of the new consumer and market, which has undergone a digital transformation.

Therefore, more and more digital profiles are needed. Such as web programmers, ethical hackers, cybersecurity specialists, etc.

As we have pointed out, the salary of a web developer grows exponentially daily and this motivates more people to want to be part of this.

On the other hand, there are still not enough people with technical knowledge in these areas and the talent search is relentless. All of this means that opportunities for higher salaries and leadership roles are appearing more quickly on the career ladder.

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What is the salary of a programmer?聽

Let鈥檚 move on to the crux of the matter and answer the question that interests you most: how much does a programmer in Spain earn? We must take two factors into account to know how much a computer worker earns or to know the salary of a web developer.

These two factors are experience and the branch of specialisation, which undoubtedly marks a web programmer鈥檚 salary. Let鈥檚 talk first about how much a programmer earns according to his years of experience:

How much does a programmer earn based on experience?

Junior web programmer salary

The level of experience is a key factor in determining a web developer鈥檚 salary in Spain. The salary of a junior programmer (a person who has just learned to program) is around an annual average of 25,000 euros per year. This is a far cry from the salary of a senior programmer.聽

Senior web Programmer Salary

On the other hand, the salary of a senior programmer can exceed 75,000 euros gross per year. This makes a senior programmer one of the highest-paid professionals in Spain in 2023.

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How much does a programmer earn depending on their specialisation?

Let鈥檚 now go on to detail what鈥檚 the salary of a web developer according to their branch of specialisation. This is very important because, as you know, within programming there are many different profiles, although there are undoubtedly three that stand out above the rest. These are Front-end, Back-end and Full Stack programmers.

Below we tell you a little more about them so that you understand what functions they perform and what their salary is according to data extracted from Glassdoor:

Salary for Front-End Developers

Front-end developers cover many facets of web development. Front-end developers can work in the following areas:

  1. Developing software as a Front-End engineer.
  2. Working as a layout designer using HTML and CSS programming languages.
  3. Designing and implementing web interfaces.

The average salary of a Front-End Developer is around 30,000 euros per year in Spain, although it depends on the level of experience.

Back-End Developer Salary

Back-End Developers, unlike Front-End Developers, are in charge of the code and its perfect implementation. Therefore, they must have a methodical vision, which allows them to design the web architecture, and maintain the databases and the servers.

For these profiles, the average salary in Spain is around 40,000 euros gross per year. Junior profiles start with salaries of 30,000 euros per year and can reach over 55,000 euros with years of experience.

Full Stack Developer Salary

Full Stack developers are one of the most demanded profiles nowadays. This is because they have Front-End and Back-End knowledge. In addition, they handle software architecture and interface design patterns. They are also capable of creating and maintaining all types of web applications.

For all this, the salary of Full Stack developers starts at 40.000鈧 gross per year for Junior profiles and can reach over 90.000鈧 gross per year for Senior profiles.

How to learn about
Web programming?

Master's Degree in Full Stack Development

Salaries of the most demanded digital profiles

Intuitively, we understand that a programmer is someone who develops a website. But that is just one of the roles that can be performed by someone who is dedicated to programming. In addition to them, the most important profiles are the following:

Blockchain specialist

They develop applications based on the technological needs of a company. They can integrate and streamline processes. The salary of a blockchain specialist is around 鈧60,000 per year.

Cybersecurity programmer

This is the person responsible for the privacy and protection of the organisation鈥檚 data and information against possible cyber-attacks. The salary of a cybersecurity specialist averages between 鈧50,000 and 鈧90,000 per year.


DevOps profiles are experts in the different phases of development. They use Scrum, Kanban and Agile methodologies to optimise the work processes of the teams. Their average salary is around 鈧65,000 per year.

Data Scientist

Debugging and analysing data through statistical-mathematical models, to predict consumer behaviour and verify hypotheses. The salary of a data scientist is around 鈧35,000 in Junior profiles, and up to 鈧80,000 in Senior profiles.

Videogame programmer

They are specialists in programming in the video game sector, where they develop the technical elements that are hidden behind the final product that we play. How much does a video game programmer earn? The salary of these professionals is around 鈧32,100 gross per year.


As you have seen, the big players at the moment are software and information technologies. There is a whole scale of study, work and salary opportunities ready for you to enter the world of programming and succeed quickly.

It鈥檚 just a matter of taking the first step towards the path you want to take!

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