Digital Product Management Master

With the Digital Product Management Master you will learn the best practices and product management tools by creating a product using the skills learned, such as SCRUM, user tests, prototyping, A / B tests, KPI definition, etc.
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Learn the techniques and skills that a Product Manager needs to devise, create and manage a successful digital Product

Start Date

September 2020




16 weeks


Part-Time / Online

The Digital Product Manager is often described as the “product CEO.” The success of technology companies and Startups may depend on their capabilities and vision. On the other hand, the impulse to provide continuous value is leading large organizations to move from a software delivery approach based on projects and services, to a product-centric one. Gartner considers the reorganization in Product teams as one of the greatest needs and transformations of the IS / IT departments for 2019, and the Product Manager will play a fundamental role in this change.

The Digital Product Management Master will provide you with all the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed as Digital Product Manager, the keys to lead the strategy, the creation and the continuous evolution of the Product, as well as the capabilities to communicate effectively with multi-functional teams already All levels of the organization.

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Academic Content

Introduction – Fundamentals of Digital Product Management

The aim of the first module is to contextualise the role of the digital product manager. Next to an introduction to digital products you will learn to navigate an organisation as a product manager and understand the critical skills needed. Additionally, the first module will introduce key concepts of the work of a digital product manager including Design Thinking, Lean Product Development, Agility and Scrum. In the first module you will also define your product development program for the program or team up with your peers to work together on a product idea.

Product Ideation and Design

Module 2 is all about finding and developing (digital) products. You will learn how to find product ideas based on a problem-solution-product framework. Next to understanding the tools needed to run the process, you will facilitate the process by yourself and learn it by doing it. By the end of module two, you should have a clear product in mind that we are going to work with in the next module.

Product Management Strategy

No product management without a proper strategy. In module three we will leave the engine room for a minute to focus on strategically aligning your product with in the big picture. Next to understanding key concepts of strategic management, we will also develop a procuct strategy for your product including the definition of key-metrics, critical stakeholders as well as competition and benchmarking.

Go2Market and Product Management Tools

Almost the end in sight. In the last online module we are finally bringing your product to life. We will look into go2market strategies, product pricing and how to launch your product. Additionally, we will look into product marketing, sales and relationship management. We will develop strategies on how to sell your prodcut and how to make your customers happy. Before closing the last online module, you will get additional masterclasses that will prepare you for the Barcelona week as well as your career as product manager.

Student Week

Welcome to Barcelona. Get ready for an intensive week on campus. In the Barcelona week you will get to work hard with our faculty on your product. The week will be a mix of masterclasses to strength your knowledge as well as practical work on your product to get ready to present it on the last day to a critical jury.

More about Digital Product Management Master

The experience of teachers in Management sector currently working in different environments, startups and global corporations gives them the opportunity to share their market knowledge through their classes.

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Jana Knode

Consultant Digital Innovation and Designmanagement at MHP – A Porsche Company

Gustavo Venegas

Project Manager - Mobile Apps Nestlé

Mercè Garcia

Product Management Director, Schibsted Spain

Robin Weninger

Managing Director at GILT

Jessenia Padilla

Product Leader, E-commerce, Web and Mobile, Ocado Technologies

David Wohde

WeWork Labs Manager

Anne-Katrin Kaschadt

Consultant, Roland Berger | Curator, Global Shapers Community, World Economic Forum

Evan Burton

User Experience Designer at Lufthansa Systems, Lido Flight Navigation

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