Digital Marketing Master

In just 17 weeks, you will dive into a comprehensive curriculum with an intensive practical methodology necessary to become skilled in digital marketing and step into the industry.


Online + 1 Week in Barcelona

Start Date

October 2020


17 weeks

The companies where our lecturers work

With more and more customers turning to Internet and Social Media for information, opinions, and sales, it is no longer an option to ignore the potential that Digital Marketing has to offer



6PM - 7PM

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As one of the main pillars for increasing revenue and sales, the digital environment offers new and powerful channels of direct communication with (potential) customers that need to be adequately managed. This is why companies find themselves immersed in a process of adapting their products, services and communication strategies to the new digital customer.

With the Master in Digital Marketing of Nuclio Digital School you’ll acquire the knowledge about the digital marketing tools and techniques used widely in today’s global marketing sector. The program will allow you to properly plan, manage and execute Online Marketing campaigns since it addresses the analytical, strategic and operative side of Digital Marketing from a wide perspective and in a practical way (complemented with relevant case studies).You will learn how to acquire new customers through online marketing campaigns in a multi-channel environment, and measure the outcome of the main digital channels.

Our professors are not merely academics who know about the theoretical side of Digital Marketing, but well-known and experienced marketing professionals that have implemented and launched several successful marketing campaigns for startups, SMEs and large multinational organizations.

Digital marketing profiles are in high demand in the job market right now. Therefore, Nuclio’s Master in Digital Marketing will not only prepare you to lead online marketing projects, but it will also help you further improve your CV.

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Academic Content

Live Streaming

This methodology is based on the broadcast of live classes (Webinars) every week which is almost like face-to-face lectures because it brings together students and teachers at a specific time but connected through a platform to broadcast live.

Besides, students will have additional material: workshops, presentations, recorded videos, recommended books, etc.

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The first module of the syllabus starts with a general introduction explaining how Digital Marketing is going to revolutionize the way business will be done in the future. After discussing the top trends for the upcoming years, we’ll dive into the different paths users take before buying your service or product. Next, we’ll show you what an ideal Digital Marketing plan should look like, and we’ll also give you the most important indicators to track its success.

In the second module, we’ll focus on the most important tips and tricks to improve the organic positioning of a website in Google. We’ll start with showing you how to choose the right keywords to position your content in search engines and how to make sure the content will be correctly “understood” by Google. In this way,  you can beat your competitors when it comes to showing up in Google’s top search results. At the end of this module we’ll also focus on how to improve the organic positioning of mobile apps (both for the Play and App Store).

In this module you’ll understand all the elements needed to create PPC campaigns in Google Ads (the most well-known PPC platform). Next, we will explore in more detail the keyword research methods, and how to structure an account to maximize your profit. Finally, you’ll learn how to follow the health metrics of your account and how to set goals for your campaigns according to its life-cycle. 

In the 4th module of the program we’re going to have a closer look at Paid Social Media campaigns (and the different channels that are available). We’ll start by showing you the basic items that should be part of your Social Media Plan, and then dive into the different advertising formats that exist today. Next, you’ll learn about the advantages of each of the most important social networks (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn ads).

In this part of the program you’ll discover when and how to use Display ads, and what their main disadvantages are. Next, we’ll show you what Programmatic Advertising is all about, and why it is considered to be one of the most promising digital marketing channels to increase awareness for a product or service. We’ll also have a closer look at how you can leverage YouTube to generate more awareness for your brand, and we’ll finish with ideas and strategies to use in order to succeed at Affiliate Marketing.

Now that we have seen the most important Digital Marketing channels to drive traffic and  increase sales, we’ll show you exactly how to analyze all of the gathered data and how to use it to improve your Digital Marketing campaigns.. We’ll have a closer look at the Customer Journey and why it is important to track how customers have been interacting with your brand before buying your product or service. In addition, we will help you to make sure your website is designed to capture leads or sales, by focusing on the user experience and interface.

In this module we’re taking the topics that we’ve discussed in the previous module to the next level, and we’ll show you how to interact with customers through email campaigns (and how to set them up). You’ll also learn how to automate your marketing activities (through lead nurturing and scoring), how to find patterns within large chunks of data your customers have been continuously generating, and how Artificial Intelligence can be used to further improve your Digital Marketing strategies.

In this last module of the program, the focus will be specifically on understanding the advantages of e-commerce strategies. In order to achieve this, we’ll show you the most important e-commerce platforms that exist today (depending on the size of your company). Therefore, this will give you an understanding of the different types of business models that currently exist, and how to evaluate the performance of each one of them.

Professional opportunities

After finishing the Online Master in Digital Marketing, students will have the necessary knowledge to apply for positions such as:
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  • Digital Marketing Responsible
  • Performance Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Digital Marketing consultant
  • Online Marketing Manager
  • Customer Acquisition Manager


July 19 – 23, 2021

Student Week

All the students of the Online Master in Digital Marketing are invited to visit Barcelona at the end of the program in order to carry out their final project presentation at Nuclio Digital School.

Furthermore, the Student week in Barcelona will allow them to visit relevant companies in and around the city center (startups, SMEs and multinational companies), apart from participating in networking activities and complementary lectures focusing on transversal skills, leadership and project management.

Program Director

Michiel Das

Head of Marketing at SEAT Urban Mobility

He leads and coordinates the Marketing strategies and the European rollout of the new urban mobility products (e-scooter/kickscooter) and services (carsharing/motorsharing) of SEAT (Volkswagen Group).

He is also the co-founder of two startups, Hackathon Spain (an event agency focussing on the organization of hackathons) and Employer Branding Lab (a consultancy firm specialized in converting companies into attractive employers).

Furthermore, Michiel is a Business School Professor and International Speaker on the topics of website positioning (SEO & SEM), Employer Branding and Personal Branding.

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Michiel Das

Head of Marketing at SEAT Urban Mobility

Luis Gasca Pavón

Digital Marketing & ecommerce Responsible at RACC

professor Digital Marketing Master
Bill Krumperman

Advertising Product Solutions Lead at Adevinta

Iván de León

Digital Analytics Consultant & Professor

Victor de la Fuente Abarca

eCommerce & Digital Commerce Strategy at Nestle S.A.

Germán Guzmán Hernández

Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Unilever

Professor digital marketing master
Adriá López Molina

Marketing Data & Technology at SEAT

Jordi Gili

Managing Director at Execus

Kevin Vidal Belmonte

Performance Specialist at PHD Media Spain

Professor digital marketing master at nuclio digital school
Judith García Vendrell

Manager Online Marketing at What's Up! Living English

Robin Weninger

Managing Director of Global Institute of Leadership and Technology


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