Digital Transformation will change the world


Get to know Kevin Vidal

Kevin Vidal, current performance specialist at PHD media agency. Which handles all the AUDI ads in Spain and is a professor at Nuclio Digital School of Social Ads. Graduated from the University of Girona with a Degree in Advertising and PR and Master in Account Management in Autonomous University of Barcelona.

He has been working with Audi for the last 3 years managing all the paid strategies accounts for paid search and paid social. Previously working in Epsilon Technologies.

Why Digital Marketing is Important for your future?

For him the Digital Transformation will change the world that we know and obviously will change the marketing that we know. Doesn’t matter if you’re a big or a small enterprise. You need to have some abilities and some skills that this master will provide you.

For him the importance of Digital Marketing is in every company, “Every company in the world needs Digital Marketers, since they are capable of changing the destiny of these companies. Since they are able to drive more revenues and drive more sales”.

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About the Online Master in Digital Marketing

Kevin Vidal emphasize that in this program you will be able to learn and acquire these capabilities in a Learning by doing methodology. Highlights the professors backgrounds and professional experience as one of the strongest features of the program at the moment of suggesting the program. But also comments that the students won’t only learn the skills and tools but also all the methodologies that companies run on their ads.

If you want to boost your professional profile and become skilled in digital marketing, find out about the Digital Marketing