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Are you seeking a successful job position? Would you like to become an entrepreneur and boost your own project? At Nuclio Digital School we have the tools to help you succeed in all of your professional ventures. Our Career & Talent initiative is designed in 4 simple phases, giving you the preparation you need to achieve all of your objectives.

Job seeking track Entrepreneurship track

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¿Do you want to have a successful career?

If you are looking for a job

¿Do you want to start your own business project?

If you are an entrepreneur

Job-Seeking Track…

Phase 1 - Self-awareness

Discover what is your professional profile and what you want it to become. We will help you define your strengths and weaknesses and create your value proposition.

Phase 2 - Personal Branding

We will optimize your online presence and create a communication & presence plan through different platforms, that is tailored to you and adapts to the particular needs of the digital world.

Phase 3 - Simulation

We will simulate the experience of a personal and a technical interview. We will also help you throughout the process of applying to top companies.

Phase 4 - Follow through

Once your bootcamp is finished, we will still accompany you in your journey, even after you have landed a position at your desired company.

Entrepreneurship Track…

Phase 1 - Mentoring

This first phase is based around Nawaiam, an interactive game that allows you to discover your professional profile as well as your strengths and weaknesses. Through Nawaiam and a coaching session tailored to your needs, we will create your value proposition as a professional.

Phase 2 - Build your team

Through our Synergy Day event, we will help you build a team of highly qualified professionals that will help you make your idea a reality.

Phase 3 - Simulation

Through our Pitch Day event you will have the opportunity to present your project to a jury of specialists within the startup community.

Phase 4 - Follow through

We will grant you the tools you need, even after your program has finished through our Nuclio community, which consists of a network of hundreds of experts within the startup world.