4 Daily habits of successful Data Scientists

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In this article, you will find helpful tips to build strong habits that will lead you to a successful career as a data scientist. If you are looking for professional growth, acquiring the following everyday habits can play a huge role. Data Scientists will lead our future.

Never stop learning

The complexity of the nowadays environment requires all kinds of professionals to be updated with the latest market trends. There’s no comfort zone for data scientists, data science isn’t static, in fact, it is a growing field that is constantly changing and evolving. For this reason, continuous learning is necessary for data scientists so their knowledge can be expanded and new skills can be gained.

There are a lot of online resources available such as blogs, documents or videos that can help you to develop the daily habit of reading content that could be applied to the problems you might be working on in the workplace. Two of the most famous sites are KDnuggets and Data Science Central; in both of them you will find content related with Big Data, AI, Data Science and Machine Learning among others. Furthermore, they are a huge community of and for data scientists that will contribute to your professional development. In this way, you will be updated and know what are the latest algorithms in the market.

On the other hand, YouTube also offers highly valuable and free educational resources which make the learning process more interesting and accessible for everyone. People are more likely to watch video lectures to learn and that’s why YouTube is the perfect platform for it. Python Programmer, Lex Fridman, Ken Jee, 365 Data Science, Siraj Raval and Dot CSV are some of the channels that you can refer to.

Additionally, in Nuclio Digital School we organize exclusive training workshops for alumni and events on the latest trends in the digital ecosystem in order to contribute to the continuous training of data scientists.

Work on your personal brand

Create a strong online presence using social media and also work on your portfolio of projects. It takes time to create valuable content, but it is an investment that will help you gain recognition and enhance your professional online presence. This will allow companies to see what you do and what you are good at, so they can have a better understanding of your profile. At Nuclio Digital School, students work hand in hand with the master’s professors to create a professional portfolio that opens the doors to a successful career. Relevant projects are carried out during the master, including Q Learning Video Games or Microsoft Malware predictions. Moreover, apart from developing projects in class, professors help students to make them real. You need to stand out among other data scientists, either by writing articles, participating in different platforms and creating an outstanding portfolio.

Build a professional network of Data Scientists

Being a data scientist does not mean it’s all about solo work, coding and learning programming. Teamwork is crucial and having the right people around will open you better career opportunities, networking has to be considered as a long-term investment. Nuclio Digital School encourages networking throughout the master’s duration, as well as in the years after graduation. There are many different ways to network in data science, pick the strategies aligned with your personal interests.

Participate in Kaggle competitions

Kaggle is an online community of data scientists from all over the world where they tend to spend nights and weekends practicing and participating in competitions to solve challenges. These competitions between users encourage them to be creative and to acquire new skills as well as learn from others. Another relevant fact is that companies use Kaggle to see how people are solving the challenges and sometimes they implement what they have seen in there.

In this platform, users can also find and publish data sets as well as exploring and building models in order to achieve their professional goals. However, Kaggle is much more than just this, is a place where people work towards innovation contributing to today’s tech industry.

Data scientists must be creative and innovative so they can be in-demand by employers, but don’t forget that what you do every day is who you really are. If you are interested in data science and you want to boost your profile, find out more about our Master in Data Science.