How to build a scalable sales model for B2B companies

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The rise of technology and the digital age has generated a significant change in the business model and strategies followed by companies, giving more importance to the B2B sales models, as well as the profiles with a digital focus, required to lead these new processes. For these processes to obtain successful results, since the sales process plays an essential role for the company to obtain income, it is essential to have a complete team and adequate updated tools.

How to build a scalable sales model for B2B companies

To scale a B2B business model, it is not enough to have a large team of sales representatives, but rather a specific system must be implemented; a sales machine. To carry out this system, it is essential to have certain processes defined and that these are in accordance with the sales strategy that the company is following.

Likewise, there are a series of variables that must be determined to dominate the market with you work with:

  • Target market: analyze and study variables such as the country, the industry or the size of the client that you are going to deal with.
  • Scenario: you have to take into account what type of market you are going to; differentiating the discretionary market and the mature market.
  • Ideal Customer Profile: the function, position level and buying role of the companies that best suit your company’s services are analyzed.

Once these variables are established, two elements can be defined that will help improve the strategy, which are: define the problem to be solved and detail the value proposition.

The higher the segmentation, the more accurate the sales process will be and the easier it will be to maintain the machine at the moment of growing. For this reason, it will be essential to use the latest technology to identify market variables and thus perform segmentation and be able to have a quality pitch both in the field of Marketing and Outbound and in the sale itself.

Keys to scale as a company

One of the keys to improving sales is not teaching the sales person to be a better seller because the rate for improvement will be very low. The key to scale is to grow in opportunities; and to have a measurable number of opportunities, inbound is not enough. Therefore, we will have to go find the market that we believe corresponds to us and for this we will use the Outbound strategy.

Two profiles stand out within the Outbound marketing process:

  • Market research: it is in charge of finding the companies that are within your Target Market, that is, those that adapt to the services you offer through databases.
  • Sales Development Representative: is the person responsible for generating sales opportunities through meetings; is responsible for generating the first contact with the Ideal Customer Profile.

Another key to scale is to take into account the importance of homogeneous opportunities to create a predictable, measurable and actionable system and thus be able to build a scalable sales model for B2B model companies.

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