Hubspot the CRM for your company

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CRM Hubspot

The Hubspot CRM is an “all-in-one” tool that offers the solutions that a company needs to have its clients and potential clients segmented, communicate with them in a personalized way and access their sales history to improve loyalty.

What does this tool offer us?

  • On the one hand we have the CRM that is free. A CRM is used to organize your contacts, obtain relevant information about each potential customer and control them easily.
  • The “Marketing Hub” module is used to increase or traffic to the web or blog, convert these anonymous visits into records and have the metrics to calculate the ROI (Return of Investment) of the investment.
    • With the CMS part of Hubspot, you can easily create content and organize it according to themes. And it is that according to the “Content Marketing Institute”, if we create quality educational content, we will be able to capture three times the database than if we do paid advertising to third parties such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
    • Thanks to the landings pages, forms and call to actions, we will be able to capture more database than later by educating it and nurturing it with relevant content according to its phase in the purchase process, they will have a better chance of ending up as customers.
    • You will have access to the email marketing part with detailed analytics to see what type of campaigns work best for you.
    • According to “Hubspot Statics” 47% of the nourished registries make higher purchases than the non-nourished registries.
    • Also, thanks to the integrations that Hubspot has, you can connect this platform with your ecommerce and other platforms such as SalesForce so that the information is bidirectional and not lose track of anyone.
  • The “Sales Hub” part helps sales teams to close their commercial offers in a more agile way. There are a whole series of tools to increase the productivity of all commercials
    (especially more focused on B2B) that will help you in each of the sales stages to shorten the sales process and increase the closing ratio.
    • And it is that as a Hubspot comments, 23% of sales representatives recognize that the data entry of potential customers in their CRM is their greatest challenge.
    • You can create links to schedule meetings or calls and share them with your contacts, create tasks, document all proposals, sequence communications with your contacts and streamline it with templates, etc.
  • The “Service Hub” module will help you to connect with your customers in an agile way with ticket management, create satisfaction surveys to see how pleased they are with your business, create a knowledge base to help them solve all their doubts and expand the business with each client you have to grow your business faster.

In short, Hubspot CRM is a tool that represents the transition form the traditional Funnel with Marketing Funnel to the Flywheel. A model where the customer is at the center of your company, and avoids friction between marketing, sales and customer service departments.

It is a very easy tool to use for marketing teams and your company because it does not require highly technical knowledge and thanks to all the templates already created, it will be very easy to do all the initial set up.

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