The most demanded digital profiles of 2020

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We are in a 100% digital world because of the incorporation of new technologies and the increase of digital environment. This fact has generated new needs in the work environment, specifically in the creation and transformation of technological and digital profiles. However, there is a need to find these profiles with necessary skills, training and specialization. In the following post we are going to talk about some digital profiles of 2020.

Some of the digital profiles that the industry demands of 2020

  • Expert in Cybersecurity: Due to the fact that technology is present in all production processes in companies, it leads to the generation of cyber attacks, both in private companies and in public organizations. That is why it is vitally important to protect yourself through cybersecurity, thereby improving productivity. In 2020 it is estimated that there will be a need for 1.5 million cybersecurity experts.
  • Customer Intelligence Analyst: It is the specialization of the Business Intelligence profile. Specifically, it is responsible for analyzing the information related to the consumer at the time of purchase. His objective is to improve the strategy of the company to reach him in the best way, and that him carry out the purchase action. Also, to know how to have a closer relationship with him.
  • Machine Learning Engineer: He is the professional who works between the field of software engineering and data science. He works with Big Data and programming tools so that data that has not been processed, is collected and redirected as data science models.  He also develop algorithms to identify patterns and create programs.
  • Data Scientist: Professionals in charge of treating the large amount of data to transform it into very useful information. It aims to establish patterns and models to optimize business strategy processes such as improving ROI or marketing campaigns. He is a key figure in the company, given the current importance of artificial intelligence and data.
  • Chief Experience Officer: Today the main element for every company is the customer. For that reason, it is necessary to control all the aspects that relate it, and this profile is responsible for carrying it out. It is necessary to know the experiences of each client to be able to optimize the sales and to be able to design the product and establish the price in relation to these. This profile is key for companies as it provides the differentiating element of the company.

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