What is a Business Analyst?

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The age of data

The data today already represents the main benefit for large companies. ¿Have you ever thought about how Amazon created the “other customers have also bought this” strategy? Probably behind that information there was a Business Analyst hunting down that opportunity.

A Business Analyst is the person who is in charge of detecting the key factors of the business. Is the intermediary between the systems department and the final client. We can say that is the voice of the people within the company. All customer needs will be transferred to the IT department (department in charge of the security and/or stability of the systems). But now let’s see step by step how it works.

The Business Analyst collects the relevant information to improve the company, he will formulate a document with all the specifications for the development, construction or reconstruction of the software’s functionalities. Once all the information has been provided, he will participate in the process of validating the changes to advance in the following steps. This profile will be in all steps of the process supporting the IT team, resolving doubts, providing more information or suggestions. Once the new offer has been launched, the Business Analyst must evaluate the new strategy.

Qualities of a Business Analyst

  • He has technical knowledge, either because he has been a system developer, or because he has specialized in understanding the technology used by his company.
  • Understands the needs of the final consumer, be able to transmit them to the system departments and be able to develop a better user experience
  • He knows how to detect the opportunities provided by the information, build the right AI solution and implement it in the organization.
  • Turn Data and Information into knowledge that, applied to the Business, improves its results.
  • Know and use the main Advanced Analytics tools with AI algorithms, such as GPT-3.
  • Create automatic models of key information for success, integrated in the decision and sales processes.

¿What type of profile may be interested in pursuing a career as a Business Analyst?

Well, first of all, someone who likes to develop technological projects and has a minimum of interest in it. Secondly, that like data and like to focus in a career on analyzing it.

Thirdly, who can belong to sectors of type:

  • Business Intelligence
  • CRM and Market Intelligence
  • Pricing and Risks
  • Analytical models
  • Market research
  • Digital Transformation
  • IT-Big Data
  • New Economy and Startups
  • Consultancy
  • Financial sector

¿What salary does a Business Analyst have?

The current salary for a position like this is around €26,000 to €30,000, this remuneration is the result of the size of the company, number of projects and experience of the worker.

Currently we can see that this is one of the profiles that are gaining strength in demand. Not only because the future of companies is going towards data and how to integrate these into the company’s improvements, but also because of the number of products that are increasingly formulated with a technology, the well-known “internet of things”. So, if you have interest and taste for this sector, you are passionate about it or you want to know more, we share our Master in Advanced Business Analytics. We hope this article has been useful.

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