Discovering the experience of a Digital Product Management student


Benefits of studying an online program

Pilar is half way in the program of Digital Product Management and she is having a great learning experience from day one. She also highlights the advantages of studying an on-line program, because it allows her to study at her own place and achieve balance between professional growth and spending quality time with her family. From her point of view, networking is one of the strongest attributes of the program because there is a high functioning support structure that enables students  to receive guidance, advice and close support from the teaching staff.

“I believe that traditional business environment has been increasingly integrating elements of digitalization within their product, services and even processes”.

Key points of the program 

Pilar is very satsified with the high quality learning materal provided because it makes very easy to access studying online platforms. Moreover, she mentions the excellent teaching staff that help students to unleash their potential and make the most out of the learning experience. And last but not least, being part of this program enables students to connect with professionals from diverse cultural and educational bakgrounds.

Recommendations for future students 

Pilar encourages future students to not overthink about taking this program very much. Especially for those who have an idea of a digital product or a certain solution and are still trying to figure out how to carry it out. The Master in Digital Product Management will provide students with the techniques, skills and the supporting environment needed to create a successful digital product.

If you want to boost your professional profile and succeed as a Product Manager, find out more about the Master in Digital Product Management.