Jared Gil

CEO & Co-Founder at Nuclio Digital School


Entrepreneur and expert in the innovation of educational models, with more than 13 years of experience in the sector. With a multidisciplinary background and serial entrepreneurship, his passion for technology stands out; translating to a solid commitment in reducing the significant gap of digital talents in the market. He is currently leading a disruptive learning methodology at Nuclio Digital School, with a social mission dedicated to edifying future leaders of change.



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“According to the World Economic Forum, in 2030, 60% of our students will work in a job that doesn’t exist yet; +1M jobs will disappear and +1M jobs will be created.

At Nuclio Digital School, we want to solve dominant problems in our society; this is about leaving our descendants a better world to live in. In my opinion, one of the best ways to do so is through education.”

Jared Gil

How did it all start?

Nuclio Digital School is the fusion of ​​a successful entrepreneur´s idea and the talent of an expert in the education sector.

It all started when Carlos Blanco, a technological entrepreneur and international investor, and Jared Gil, an expert in educational models, joined forces to develop a new, disruptive digital educational model. The mission is to create bona fide digital talents with expert skills demanded by the market. The first MVP was launched from the Pier01 offices, with the dedication of a small team operating from within the Nuclio Venture Builder ecosystem, and paving way to what we know today as Nuclio Digital School.


“Binance and Nuclio Digital School join forces to launch the NDS Master in Blockchain and Crypto”

Jared & NDS Press Releases

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“Training technology professionals of the present and the future” – 2021