5 reasons to become a UX/UI Designer in 2021

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There are so many different reasons why you should get into UX/UI Design. No matter if you are a beginner profile with or without prior design or technical experience, you can get started in the world of UX/UI Design. Moreover, in order to figure out which career path is right for you, start by considering the key skills required by UX/UI Designers. In this article, we will take a look at the main reasons to become a UX/UI Designer in 2021.

UX/UI Designers are in high demand

With the growth of apps, virtual assistants, applications and voice technology, the demand for these professionals is really high and is predicted to continue increasing in the coming years. Furthermore, one of the main attractions of a career in this field is the prospect for career growth. If you want to get an idea of the industry in your local area, you can go to Glassdoor, Indeed or Linkedin and search for job opportunities in your city.

There is a huge scope for creativity and innovation

UX/UI Designers have plenty of opportunities to develop their creativity and strive for innovation, which is something that organizations need. Their starting point is always the users minds, they put them in the center of the process. There are a lot of emerging technologies in the digital world that require certain experimentation and innovation. Therefore, a career in UX/UI Design put professionals at the frontier of digital innovation to create new environments for customers.

UX/UI Designers have a high level of income

The role of both User Experience (UX) Designers and User Interface (UI) Designers are significantly important within the organization. But the biggest question is: what salary could you get as a UX/UI Designer?

According to Glassdoor

  • The national average salary for a UX/UI Designers in Spain is €34,139/year.
  • The national average salary for a UX/UI Designer in the US is $85,277/year.

Of course, like any industry, salaries vary based on location and experience. However, many UX/UI Designers are freelancers, so they can work remotely and jump from one city to another.

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They can work as a freelancer

UX/UI Designers can work as freelancers and complete their projects remotely online and enjoy greater control over their earnings, working hours and location. As a freelancer, they gain experience working with many different types of clients and projects. Firstly, it is important to create a professional portfolio in order to demonstrate the projects you have worked on, your background and experience and of course up-to-date contact information.

UX/UI Designers drive business growth

It is a fact that a great user experience leads to a product’s success in the marketplace. The more the customers enjoy the whole experience, the more they will continue using the product and recommend it. Therefore, the job of UX/UI Designers has a direct impact on business growth, especially in the long term. For this reason, if you want to play a huge role in the organization you should definitely consider pursuing a career in UX/UI Design.

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