5 Tips to succeed on LinkedIn

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5 Tips to succeed on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has only become increasingly important because it offers tremendous opportunities for everyone. If you want to take to the next level your personal brand, a killer LinkedIn profile is mandatory. However, before considering joining this social network, you should work on having a good understanding of some basics in order to achieve your professional goals. If you are looking for a job in the digital sector, you should definitely maintain an online presence on this social network. Most hiring managers and recruiters are on it, and the first thing will do is to look you up on LinkedIn. In this article you will learn five tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out from the crowd:

Use professional photos

LinkedIn is a professional network so your profile picture shouldn’t look like it belongs to your Instagram or Facebook account. It might sound obvious, but there are a lot of people that do not have an appropriate profile picture and it does make the difference. Make your account appealing to the eye.

Write a great summary

The summary section is extremely important since it gives information about your professional background and highlights what makes you different from the rest. It is totally worth it to spend time in making the most of your summary section and decide what to include to appeal to a broad audience.

Personalize your LinkedIn Profile URL

When you initially join the platform, you are given a long profile URL that can be a problem when trying to share your profile. Therefore, you have the possibility of customizing your URL in order to make it easier to use and remember. This small change will help you rank better in Google. Moreover, it is really simple to do.

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Share valuable and interesting content

Once you have worked on your profile to make it findable and visually appealing, it is time to start sharing valuable content. Try to be consistent and stay active on the site because it will help you get the most out of it. It is the right place to show people what interests you and what you are passionate about. You can post blog content or articles you’ve written since this place is a goldmine for being seen. Furthermore, if you find an article you like related to your field of interest you can also share it with your community.

Nevertheless, LinkedIn is not all about you and promoting your success but to connect with others and appreciate their efforts. Do not be too much self-centered and appreciate other people’s efforts and achievements.

Include recommendations

Take the time to request recommendations from your LinkedIn connections to illustrate the experience of working with you. Keep in mind that potential employers will consider them before contacting you and they can help you secure an interview. Don’t be shy and personalize your requests, they will add a lot of value to your profile.

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