Remote course in digital Marketing

Tiempo de lectura: 3 minutos

It seems that with the arrival of the Covid19 all the technologies have been accelerated rapidly, especially those which could not advance quickly despite being in the digital era. For instance, we are specifically talking about technologies such as online video conferencing platforms or other tools that help us to follow conferences, lectures or classes remotely. For this reason, we want to introduce you our remote course in digital Marketing.

In the case of the Nuclio Digital School, online technology already existed almost from its beginnings. As a school located in Barcelona, ​​one of the most emblematic cities in the technology sector, they have always opted to offer remote technology to offer their programs both nationally and internationally.

And specifically, this advantage was due to the nature of the programs. What is offered from the school are intensive training courses in current professions in the digital sector and, going even further, professions that live natively among technological platforms. So the use of both the profession and its training is closely related to remote technologies.

Digital Marketing Online Program

Since the very beginning of this program, technology has been present in all corners. Starting with a few weeks pre-training in introductions to Digital Marketing, Digital Products, and the future of Digital Marketing and Social Selling. The goal is for students to prepare themselves and level-up.

After the introduction,  starts the first contact with the program. The first week is for statistical purposes, split the students in groups or individually whoever wishes to work alone to prepare and set the bases of their final project.  Where they will be touching all the pilars of Digital Marketing: SEO/ASO, SEM/PPC, SOCIAL ADS (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter ADS), Display Ads (Youtube and Affiliate), E-Commerce Marketing, Analytics and Big Data and AI.

Once this initial training is completed, the classes start, every two weeks, content is released, composed by video recorded classes, readings, real cases of study and they will have one live class a week through the Zoom platform. The students will enjoy a very flexible schedule and a special mentoring.

What is the Live class process like?

Our professors share their screen during the sessions and students can also share theirs. At some point in the session, space is left to resolve possible doubts or to do some exercise among all. In such a way that each student can share their screen to share their conclusions, either among the teacher or among the other students who are participating in it.

On the other hand, they also have Masterclass-type sessions that combine with hands-on and project sessions. These projects are based on practical cases where each project is worked by remote teams.

In addition to these streaming sessions,and pre recorded classes,  there is the Slack channel: the chat where they communicate outside the session, make reminders, send calendars, resolve other questions, and where high communication is maintained outside the predetermined classes.

The true success of an Online Program

It is clear that, when offering an online course you have to have the best technologies, the best processes and the tools to offer facilities that help you to follow the classes without problems. But the real success is not the aforementioned, but the human resources.

Digital Marketing program is made of a great team with years of experience in both Digital Marketing, teamwork and remote working. The real quality of this program is made by the teachers. The implication, the way of conducting the classes and the know-how of something that may seem difficult a priori, something easy and applicable to everyone.

Take a look at our Online Master in Digital Marketing. You’re gonna love it.