Digital Product Management Master review

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We start the 3rd edition of the Digital Product Management Master, as we review the success obtained in the previous ones. Join us and discover the secret ingredients behind Nuclio Digital School success.

The experience of teachers in Management sector currently working in different environments, startups and global corporations gives them the opportunity to share their market knowledge through their classes.

In this article you can learn about the experience of the alumni who are currently studying the Digital Product Management program, as they review their experience in the product management master.

Meet the Director of the school, Jared Gil, with extensive experience in education and creation of new programs within the digital environment. He has provided its experience to pave the way of Nuclio’s Digital School towards success, allowing the school to become one of the most renowned educational entities.

He and his team have designed the programs for the profiles that are most demanded by companies, such as the Master in Internet of Things and the Master in Full Stack Development, both being increasingly demanded areas of knowledge in businesses all around the world.

Digital Product Management, a program designed for entrepreneurs, people with initiatives in new projects or with ideas that aim to develop products of the new digital age. As many say, product managers act as CEO’s of the product, conceiving its creation and providing skills to continously evolve it.

As they learn different design research techniques and obtain a better knowledge of products lifecycles, they become capable of developing the product through better methodologies. That is the main reason behind companies constantly looking for this kind of professionals, as they allow them to differentiate themselves and have a better understanding of their products.

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