Digital Product Management: #NuclioExperience

Tiempo de lectura: 2 minutos

“I successfully completed the Digital Product Management Master”

I am happy because I applied to the Digital Product Management Master at Nuclio Digital School and successfully completed it. Quality implementation and the program itself drives students into in-depth study.

About the Product Manager

Nataša Centa works in a leading Slovenian IT company specializing in advanced information systems for HR Management, Time and Attendance and Payroll, as well as public transportation ticketing. The team of professionals keep up with the pace of cutting-edge technology trends in the development and manufacturing of hardware and software solutions.

Opinion about the programme of the master

The project she carried out as part of the school programme was special because it came from practice and was a real problem. During its preparation, Nataša worked closely with a colleague and started from a concrete everyday life problem. The need for a solution has been crucial for some time, therefore it was not troublesome to carry out this project as part of the task.

She is very proud that the project was carried out according to the plan and support that was given by the management, especially  Jared Gil, the CEO.

“I have to admit that we would have done it differently from how we do it now: following the lectures and guidance we have received from Nuclio Digital School”.

The experience from a employee’s perspective

As employees, accepting new knowledge, makes us work with joy and enthusiasm. This new learning gave Nataša the courage to challenge herself by applying for certification as a business analyst.

Briefly, Nataša states that knowledge, insights and new information are the ones that led her to the Nuclio Digital School, where she regularly follows webinars. Moreover, she recommends the experience to her friends, she hopse that someone succeeds and that they get this knowledge and experience.


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