Get to know Digital Marketing by Luis Gasca

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Know more with Luis Gasca Pavon; professor of Digital Marketing Online Master

Get to know Luis Gasca

Luis Gasca Pavon, is not only the professor of SEM in Nuclio Digital School’s Digital Marketing program. He is currently working at RACC, the largest automobile club in Spain. 11 Years of career in the online marketing sector back him up, in very diverse industries like: Travel, insurance, Services and retail, always working with Pay Per Click (PPC) teams.

About Digital Marketing

He defines Digital Marketing as the balance between technology, numbers and creativity.

His goal in the Online Master in Digital Marketing is to guide you through SEM (Search Engine Marketing). In short words, he will be teaching how to make money for the businesses using search engines. Every Digital Marketing team has a PPC specialist. Since is one of the pillars of Digital Marketing and will continue to be so.

He emphasizes on the new opportunities that Online Marketing professionals have at the moment, since every company that wants to communicate has no other choice than having a Digital Marketing department. His highlight of the program to future students relays on the professors who are currently teaching, since they are experts on the topics and they come from diverse industries, big and small companies, startups and give a great overview of the current world of Marketing.

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