Inside Netflix’s Marketing Strategy

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Netflix wins at Digital Marketing

There’s a lot to learn from Netflix’s marketing strategies, the firm is coming up with outstanding and unique actions. It has positioned itself as a subscription-based video on demand platform which offers a wide range of movies and TV shows that customers can watch from anywhere in the world at any time. We have been following Netflix for a while… So, what really helped the brand achieve the position that it has today? What’s their secret when it comes to marketing?

What’s the content strategy of Netflix?

The digital marketing strategy is mainly focused on cultivating a unique identity of the brand in order to build strong relationships with its customers through all media channels. For achieving this, Netflix uses humorous and original messages in all the actions that grabs attention quickly and generates engagement. This strategy differs from other entertainment companies, which stick to a more formal approach when interacting with followers. They also do mentions to popular TV shows and films available on the platform by making jokes or memes about them.

User experience design and optimization

Another key aspect of Netflix is its way of optimizing the whole user experience which has had to constantly adapt to different people, devices and network conditions. As streaming became the primary function of the platform, the company had much more insight into how people were using the service and started to consider ways of improving and personalizing the whole experience. For doing this, the company collects data from their subscribers to implement data analytics models and discover customer behaviour to understand patterns. Big data helps Netflix decides which movie or TV show should recommend based on the subscriber’s preferences.

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Partnership deals and collaborations

Collaboration within a great number of companies and applications such as Snapchat, Instagram or banks, has been crucial for Netflix to have the world at its feet. They are meeting the members of the target audience through multiple channels, rather than putting all their eggs in one basket. For instance, users who have an account on a bank that is partnering with them can get a 50% discount. Furthermore, there is also a thirty days free-trial that can be canceled at any time without any fee, commitment or contract.

Encourage customer engagement

As we have seen, Netflix uses social media for maximum effect. They really appreciate customers for choosing them by sharing stories, posts, retweeting, creating polls and asking engaging questions. As a result, people start discussing about the brand and contributing to increasing the platform’s popularity. All social media platforms  offer several opportunities to engage with customers in order to keep their attention and interest.

In conclusion, Netflix has been able to achieve and protect its central position in the digital content industry and there are a lot of lessons we can learn from them not only from a marketing perspective.

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