Key Principles of B2B Marketing

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The B2C and B2B models are intended to sell to a person, but this person does not look for the same characteristics in the products of the different models, since their behavior is different if it is done for their company or for their personal life. Hence the importance of knowing how to create good marketing strategies, aimed at a business audience, in which the content included in them is of the utmost importance for them to be successful. Therefore, in today’s post we will discuss some of the main keys to B2B marketing.

B2B Marketing Model

Business to Business (B2B) marketing is focused on helping a company sell to other companies, making their products and services known and creating value in order to sell them. The B2B marketing model provides many benefits, but like any strategy it is essential to establish certain elements such as defining aspects related to your brand, the objectives to be achieved, your buyers, the strategies you are going to follow and the different campaigns To make. And to know if a good effective strategy is being carried out, it is necessary to analyze each stage using appropriate metrics.

Today the vast majority of decisions in the field of B2B purchasing are made online. This means, That a B2B company when it has the need to obtain a product or service, the search action to find out and end up selecting the suppliers that can help it, they do so through the online methodology. With this fact, a great difference stands out, which is that the person in control of the sale is the same customer and not the company or their sales team.

Strategies for B2B Marketing

Having an online presence: due to the fact that the online sector is currently booming, it is essential to follow these trends and, in this case, specifically create online campaigns to have a presence on the internet and use social networks to offer content making yourself known and to create customer relationships. In other words, include online marketing in the marketing plan.

  • Use of metrics: it is vitally important to be able to measure the actions carried out in the strategy. For this reason, it is necessary to analyze which are the most convenient metrics for each campaign in order to know if they have been successful or not. Some of the most efficient metrics to measure it are: the company’s income, through ROI, from customer satisfaction or cost per lead.
  • Advertising: advertising is a very effective method of reaching your customers. The most widely used methods are print and online media, SEM and traditional banners. But it should be said that the most currently used and effective methods are in the field of online, specifically SEM, social ads, banners and posts.
  • Importance of email marketing: it is an online marketing strategy with a high percentage of effectiveness in the B2B company model. It is a very cheap and simple way to publicize your products and services, create brand image awareness, maintain contact with customers, among others. But keep in mind that to be successful it is vital to create marketing content to capture leads, have an established database and correct segmentation.
  • Content Marketing: One of the most important parts of a marketing strategy is to create valuable content in order to capture the audience and ultimately end up buying. Likewise, it is necessary to establish some metrics to analyze whether the content offered is correct; by analyzing sales, lead quality and conversion rates, from leads to customers.
  • Marketing and technology trends: In order to compete in the sector, it is important to be up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends in order to have the best tools at your disposal and to be in the first positions regarding your competition.

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Keys to success

  • Focus marketing on the customer: Today’s market is focused on the figure of the customer, which is why it is essential to know who it is, which is it’s interests and needs are and how we can satisfy it, and also to find your buyer persona. As a result, there has been a change in the creation of products, as they go from being generic products to more personalized products for customers.
  • Take measurable actions: In order to know which are the most profitable actions for your company, it is essential to analyze their results.
  • Marketing and sales strategies must be related: both departments in order to offer positive feelings to the client and thus end up making the purchase, they must be aligned, following the same strategy to achieve success.
  • Do not sell directly at the first contact with the company: compared to B2C sales, B2B has a much longer process. One of the first steps to take is to earn the trust of your client in order for them to think that you are their best solution. Once this point has been achieved through marketing strategies, the sales actions can come into play. That is why, starting to sell at the first contact with the client is a mistake.

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