B2B Sales Management Master

With the Master in B2B Sales Management, lead the growth and understand the internationalization processes in B2B companies and startups of the tech field.

Online + one week in Barcelona


13 weeks

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November 2020

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A new approach to B2B business together with new technologies and methodologies for more efficient processes.


Part-Time / Online

12 weeks online + 1 week on campus in Barcelona

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Often, we associate the company problem with sales or product. The reality, in many cases, indicates that the problem comes from before: there are not enough quality meetings and when there are, they are not part of a scalable and measurable process. Are you meeting every day (multiple times) with the right people from the right companies? If what you need is more quality meetings, improving communication processes with customers and your team and being able to build a scalable and predictable sales model, this program can help you boost your B2B profile.

The technological revolution also accompanies companies that make up their sales processes in B2B methodologies. SaaS (Software as a Service) companies focused on the sale of technology for companies represent the greatest growth in the technological field. However, there is a great need for profiles capable of managing all the processes within them.

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Academic content of B2B Sales Management Master

In collaboration with The SaaS Institute, a consultant group with experience in more than 30 B2B companies that have accompanied their growth guiding them in all their internationalization processes. In this intensive master’s degree, lecturers will contribute study strategies that they use at a professional level so that you can apply it to your professional profile.

All this focused on the 4 main areas that make up modern B2B sales: Inbound, Outbound, Sales and the Renewals and Upsells.

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  1. Composition, organization and roles of a B2B sales team I.
  2. Composition, organization and roles of a B2B sales team II. Feature speaker.
  3. Impact of the company’s strategy in the sales playbook: Target market and the “Ideal Customer Profile”. Feature Speaker.
  4. Commercial planning and budgeting.
  1. Sales processes I: Outbound Sales processes. Feature speaker.
  2. Sales processes I: Technological implementation and Tech Stack in Outbound Sales.
  3. The Sales playbook II: Pitching, Messaging, cadence.
  4. A day in the life of the SDR. Feature Speaker.
  5. Measurement and dashboards Outbound Sales.
  1. Inbound Marketing and Inbound Sales.
  2. Technological implementations for Inbound Marketing.
  3. Budget and planning of an inbound marketing department.
  4. Measurement and dashboards Inbound marketing.
  1. Sales processes II: From opportunity to closing. Feature speaker.
  2. Quick wins: PoC, multiyear deals, exit windows, etc.
  3. Sales processes II: Technological implementation and Tech Stack.
  4. Measurement and dashboards Sales.
  1. Sales processes III: On boarding and Customer Success. Feature Speaker.
  2. Sales processes III: Technological implementation and Tech Stack.
  3. Measurement and dashboards Customer Success.
  1. Sales team roles I: Who are they, where to find them. Feature speaker.
  2. Sales Team Roles I: Compensation Model and Career Plan.
  1. Dynamics and management of sales teams. Feature speaker.
  2. Sales and Agile: Sales Sprints I.
  3. Sales and Agile: Sales Sprints II.
  1. Main KPIs in a subscription and B2B business model. Feature speaker.
  2. Cohort Analysis I.


July 19 – 23, 2021

All the students of the Online Master in B2B Sales Management are invited to visit Barcelona at the end of the program in order to carry out their final project presentation at Nuclio Digital School.

Furthermore, the Student week in Barcelona will allow them to visit relevant companies in and around the city center (startups, SMEs and multinational companies), apart from participating in networking activities and complementary lectures focusing on transversal skills, leadership and project management.

Program Director

Javier Darriba

CO founder and CEO of Bloobirds | Co-founder and President at The SaaS Institute
He is also part of the steering committee of some of the most important SaaS companies in Spain such as Whisbi, Signaturit or Forcemanager and is Business Angel in the SaaS sector with investments in companies such as: Innroute, Citibox, Talent Clue, Boardfy, among others. He is part of the investment committee of the venture capital Encomenda VC.






Marc Gassó Busquets

Marketing Director at Bloobirds

Marc Aragay

Sales Operations Manager at Bloobirds

Cristina Ferreres

Head of People at Bloobirds- Founder & Chairwoman

Toni Pérez

Co Founder and CRO at Bloobirds, Co Founder at the SaaS Institute

Paula Guinot

Customer Succes Director at Bloobirds

Toni Caliz

Co Founder & Sales Director at Bloobirds

Gonzalo García de Lomana

Managing Director at The SaaS Institute

Javier Darriba

CO founder and CEO at Bloobirds. Co founder and president at The SaaS Institute



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