What is the Lean Methodology and how to apply it to your project

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Lean Methodology

Creating a successful company is any entrepreneur’s dream, but materializing an idea and turning it into a successful business is another issue. Being able to carry out a project productively and efficiently can lead to many headaches if, at some point, it is achieved. At this point we present to you the Lean Methodology.

The agile methodologies  respond in contexts with high uncertainty and allow organizations to adapt to environments of high complexity. That’s why they are becoming more common and essential for product or service development.

Provide value for increased customer satisfaction

One of these project development and implementation methodologies is the Lean methodology. One of the most used to seek the greatest customer satisfaction using the resources and removal process to avoid waste.

The Lean methodology, also known as Lean startup, is still a new way to manage the processes that take place within the company. The objective is to clean up all those activities that do not add value to be able to achieve immediate results in the productivity, competitiveness and profitability of the business.

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Hypothesis and experimentation

Thanks to the lean methodology which by the way is used by most entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, you will be able reduce the time and costs when creating and developing your project or startup.

And how do we do it? Experimenting to value our hypotheses and extract conclusions based on objective data, to create market proposals that are really viable and likely to succeed in a short time and only using the exact resources, no more.

Tips to apply Lean to your business

  • The first thing to keep in mind is to organize your business before applying the method to know what resources you have and which ones you can use to be efficient. In addition, it’s important to engage all your project members and partners so they’re alerted and able to contribute with ideas.
  • In the execution part, it is important to opt for the simple. Focus on creating, measuring and learning. Start by taking small steps and after viewing the results, customer behaviour and validating, learn and execute the final result. At this point the speed of testing the possible business proposal is essential to optimize time.
  • Be creative. One of the strengths of Lean methodology is the possibility to adapt and improve your product as you test to make it perfect and original.

And above all… don’t miss the point! Set clear and well-defined goals so you don’t stray and have a clear path.

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