Master in B2B Sales Management

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Javier Darriba; Director of the B2B Sales Management Master describe the main elements of the program

At Nuclio Digital School we are always coming up with new programs to disrupt the industry and create new digital leaders. The best person to lead the master in B2B Sales Management was indeed Javier Darriba.

Get To know Javier Darriba

He is the Director of Our New Master in B2B Sales Management and also, is the Co-founder & CEO of Bloobirds, and Co-founder and Director of the SaaS Institute.

A law graduate from the University of Barcelona has under his belt two MBA’s one from ESADE and the other from The University of Chicago, which he took in Online methodology. In 2007 he co founded one of the biggest saas companies in Spain called UserZoom which grew from 3 people to 250 people. Afterwards he has been working as a consultant for different companies in Spain helping them to scale and to build their sales machine. Just a couple of years ago he created the SaaS institute which has a goal to help the whole entrepreneurial ecosystem in Spain and Europe.

His advice to people with curiosity on taking this program relies on the main difference with others, while other programs might focus on sales skills, sales motivation or negotiation. This program focuses on creating a systematic sales machine.

About Master in B2B Sales Management

Some of the key points of this program are:

  • One of the benefits of the program in B2B Sales Management, that is one of the few sales programs whose main focus is on processes. Since he believes that sales are about processes and methodology. Also a big focus of the program goes on Building the right teams and the technologies used in sales.
  • A big Highlight of the program is its practical methodology and how each one of the professors have been working in sales for several years. In not only high growth companies but in key positions in sales departments. All of them in different backgrounds and different experticies, (Marketing, Human Resources for Sales teams and Customer Success).
  • The main goal for him in this program is that the students will be able to adapt all the theory they discussed and learned in class in their specific jobs and cases. So everything they have learned will be easy applied in their jobs.

The 8 major modules that will be covered in the Master are:

  1. Sales Strategy.
  2. Outbound Sales.
  3. Inbound Marketing.
  4. Sales: From Opportunity to Closing.
  5. Customer Success: Renewals and Upsells.
  6. HR: Sales Profiles.
  7. Sales Team Management and Dynamization.
  8. B2B Business KPIS and Subscription Models.

If you wanna boost your profile and expand your knowledge with the best content in the digital market, this program is for you


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