Profiles involved in a B2B sales process

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To be successful in a sales process and make the company grow fast it’s important to be aware of the different phases and profiles that conform this process. We can emphasize that the sales process plays an important role for the company to earn income and that’s why in this post we will discuss in depth the B2B sales process.

First of all, we have to be aware that every company sets their sales process customizing it according to its context and its target market. That is why it’s important to analyze all the aspects that make up the process: consider the number of participants, identify the different types of users to reinforce the purchase process, those who approach to become users or those who must abstain and control the sales channels. From there the importance to generate a customized sales strategy in each process.

How is the B2B purchaser profile?

Knowing the buyer profiles in your company is essential to understand the need and be successful in every step of the sales process. Therefore, it must be borne in mind that the B2B purchaser profile is different than the B2C. In the case of the B2B profile this is a user that is based on making more rational decision and it’s way more analytic and critic when it comes to perform a business purchase. Likewise, their purchase process takes more time because they spend more time finding the solution best suited to their needs.

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Which are the processes and the channels to reach your clients?

Trough marketing: Using Social Ads campaigns which main objective is to create quality leads. To reach your users and create visibility you must create marketing strategies and attractive content campaigns for your public to get potential buyers. One of the marketing online benefits is that you can section your campaigns according to your objective audience and customize them, elaborating different actions in each step of the process. That it’s why it’s important to identify where are the leads and know which ones need more attention during the sales process and which ones are already ready to buy. Google Ads and Facebook Ads are the most common payment Chanel.

With the marketing outbound process, a market research is done to search companies that are on the target market. Trough databases obtained in different platforms like for example the social networks as Facebook, LinkedIn or in forms, are identified and selected those companies that adapt to the services that the company offers.

In the moment you identify the companies that are going to be in your target market the SDR (Sales Development Representative) concept appears. It’s the responsible sales person the one that is in charge of creating the first ICP (Ideal Costumer Profile) to prepare the sale. The objective is to create a conversion ratio, creating sales opportunities through meetings. The process that follows an SDR is to show the user that he understands the problem that he has and that he is able to solve it (with the products and services of the company). Usually, the first contact it’s trough emails or phone calls.

Javier Darriba | Director of the B2B Sales Management Master