The key for a successful launch: Go2Market

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Okay product manager, you have successfully created your product so… what now?

The following steps are vital for paving a prosperous future. Without a proper planification, you are possibly going to waste time and money on unveiling an unprofitable product.

What is Go2Market?

Go-to-market is strategy that involves a meticulously created plan for the successful launch of a product to the market. It is similar to a business plan, however the scope of a go2market is less broad in scope, specialized exclusively on the product launch (target, sales, marketing campaigns,etc).

A good G2M has to be able to present the product as a saver for a certain problem identified. It helps measure the viability of success and predicts the performance based on prior research.

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Why is this strategy needed?

Remember, even the brightest ideas can be failures if not planned effectively. Obviously a go2market strategy is not a guarantee of success but it can make expectations more realistic.

You surely did a good job coming with a new product idea. Don’t spoil it by impulsively throwing it to the market, without even knowing the market properly.

The main components of a GTM strategy

There is no definitive guide but there are some critical point to a go2market strategy:

  • Market-product fit: What problem(s) is your product solving? Try to understand the why behind the creation of this product in the first place.
  • Target audience: Who is experiencing the problem that your product solves? How much are they willing to pay for a solution?
  • Competition and demand: Who is also offering what you’re launching? Is there demand for the product?
  • Distribution: Through what means will you sell the product or service? A website, an app, or an external distributor?

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