The Lean Startup methodology to boost your project

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We live in such a globalized world that we often hear concepts to determine very concrete things, and even more so when we are in a digital environment. In this case we will talk about “Lean Startup”, a concept that we can especially observe in emerging businesses but increasingly large companies put it to the test.

When we talk about Lean Startup we are talking about a method. Lean Startup refers to a method that tries to launch a product when it is in the “embryo” phase to get a positive or negative feedback. They are usually tested. It has not been yet 100% developed into the product but it is released at a small percentage of what a potential customer might be so that they can give us back possible specifications. From here we can draw conclusions that would help to improve the final product and its success.

What Lean Startup does is to break with the traditional method of creating a business plan and a marketing plan that supports it. The steps in which it would be established would be Construction-Measurement-Learning in a circular process, and as many times as we hypothesize it. Sometimes with the first test we already find a solution or we continue testing until we find the successful change.

Benefits provided by the Lean Startup method

  • Be faster
  • More effective
  • Avoid losses
  • Shorten the development cycle
  • Measure progress more accurately
  • Adjust to the real need of the consumer
  • Keeping pace with the market

Profiles that can help the Lean Startup process

In this process we can find the same profiles that are established within a traditional process of product creation. Besides that it depends on each sector, you will need one or the other related. But there are outstanding profiles that help to enhance these methodologies such as a Product Manager, a person in charge of the gear between company and consumer, leading different departments to find the unique solution. Its main objective is to find the success of the product.

So, if you are used to running projects in a traditional way, maybe it is time to take a look at the opportunities to find new mechanisms that drive your project in other directions that you did not consider. The business world is changing, shapes and profiles require people who know how to include new methodologies.

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