How can tech bootcamps kick-off your career?

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What is a tech bootcamp?

It is a fact that the tech market is lacking qualified professionals to cover the high demand derived from an increasingly specialized society. Meanwhile, the education sector has evolved to adapt and develop a methodology that satisfies the need of the market. In this context, bootcamps are a source of training that aim to provide all the updated knowledge and digital skills necessary to step into the tech industry.

Bootcamps are training programmes taught intensively, with an approximate duration of 12 weeks, focused on acquiring practical skills with a learning by doing methodology. In bootcamps, the agenda is very specific and fully adapted to the reality of the labour market and the latest techniques and technologies affecting the sector concerned. With a mainly practical approach complemented by reality-based group projects and case studies, bootcamps seek results beyond getting a degree or certificate through an immersive experience.

Additionally, bootcamps have also become the perfect way for entrepreneurs to learn in a short time period about a specific area. If you are considering launching a product or developing an app, bootcamps are just perfect for you as they will provide you with what you need. Companies are increasingly recruiting more and more people from bootcamps because they are aware of the training programme they go through. Indeed, employers are much more receptive to this type of training and have started to focus less on university qualifications. At Nuclio Digital School, we create programmes considering the fields of study with the highest chances of employability.

Benefits of attending a bootcamp

As a result, joining a bootcamp is an increasingly attractive option for professionals who want to upgrade their career. There are a lot of advantages of this type of training and some of them are 

  • Bootcamps can adapt to changes in the industry faster than universities, therefore content is very up-to-date and adapted to the demand of the labour market.
  • The training model is intensive, lasting in most cases 16 weeks.
  • The methodology used is practical and based on group projects, hands-on sessions and real cases aligned with the current  businesses needs.
  • Students are part of a large community where they can make contacts to find opportunities, create alliances and enhance their professional development.
  • All the knowledge and skills acquired during the bootcamp can immediately be applied to the labour market.
  • There are reduced groups of students per class which allows them to have a more personalized experience.
  • Students get the opportunity to work with lecturers who currently work in the industry and have extensive experience in large corporations.

How can tech bootcamps kick-off your career?

As previously mentioned, the job market is lacking qualified digital profiles and bootcamps are just the perfect solution. Nowadays, when entering the workforce it is helpful to pick a specific area of knowledge in order to gain the expertise required to work in concrete positions. Job specialization requires training and education that will make you more employable and more successful at work.

So, how to decide which is the perfect bootcamp for you? Well, it’s a great idea to start working on raising some self-awareness and identify your motivations, interests and skills. Don’t feel afraid of giving a new twist in your career, if you want to start something new just go for it. At Nuclio Digital School, we work towards the creation of digital profiles for those professionals already in the sector and for those wanting to enter the tech world. Also, we have created our own Career & Talent service that gives our students the preparation needed to succeed in all their professional ventures.

If you are considering joining a bootcamp, check out the Master’s Degrees offered by Nuclio Digital School.