Experience of Digital Product Management Master

Tiempo de lectura: 2 minutos

Ila Travecedo, participant of the Digital Product Management Master explains her experience in the program.

Ila Kyzil Travecedo has lived and worked in more than 5 countries, after trying different industries she found her passion in the Digital World, and became an entrepreneur launching Branditt a digital agency in the city of Bogota, Colombia.

One of the ways to be more organized was to learn how to Manage Digital Products, and this way, she could manage the digital processes and her team easier.

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About Digital Product Management Master

In this program, a group of professionals will teach you all the skills, tools, market techniques and methodologies that they use nowadays in their own companies, Which are needed to produce and manage a successful digital product. As the SCRUM methodology, prototyping, the skills to communicate effectively, how to increase the value of your product, do A/B tests, among others. With this program you will have the opportunity to succeed as Digital Product Manager.

Ila Kyzil Travecedo mentions that the flexibility of the program has given her the opportunity to find the right time to study since as an entrepreneur is one of the main difficulties, and found it easy to manage her time.

She highlights on the program it’s “straight to the point” approach, that what is mentioned in the program is what you need to know in order to accomplish your goals. Also she enjoys the practical lessons since she does not spend too much time on the theory.

While describing the relationship with the students as “fresh” and natural which allows a friendly relationship and gets every opportunity to speak with them in the live classes, with a close and helpful relationship she mentions that “It’s like they have been in your shoes”.

If you want to boost your professional profile and have succeed as a Digital Product Manager, find out about the Digital Product Management Online Master