Experience of Digital Marketing Master

Tiempo de lectura: 2 minutos

Gonzalo Campos, participant of the Digital Marketing Master explains his experience in the program.

Why Digital Marketing?

Born and raised in Ecuador, currently in Barcelona for the last 13 years. Is currently working for a food packaging corporation in Barcelona.

Working for a while in Marketing he chose the Master in Digital Marketing because he wanted to “Modernize” his profile, previously studying International Business and Marketing.

He realized that he wanted to upgrade his skills. And when going through the program he saw that the professors are actually working in the industry. It seemed really pragmatic and saw how these professionals are “Making it Happen”.

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About Digital Marketing Master

The experience of Studying the online Master in Digital Marketing, he describes it as demanding and challenging, but also exciting. Also he finds great that you can set your own time and create your own schedule, whenever is convenient. And It’s very practical but he recognizes that at some point you have to realize that you have to be committed because most likely you will have to use it after-work hours or during lunchtime. But it is not hard when you have a program so well organized and having the opportunity to go back to the campus and review not only back where he left it but also behind to refresh the memory.

He finds the relationship with the professors and other students very encouraging and engaging, since right from the beginning, they started with different webinars to meet each other, share knowledge and team up for the assignments just like in real life.

The key points he would highlight from the master from his side is that the program is very pragmatic, very hands on and it is the very latest knowledge and practices we can get. Also highlights the fact that is a bootcamp methodology, short and concise. That in short time he managed to learn all the things that for many years took years in a traditional way.

If you are interested in Digital Marketing…

His message for people thinking of taking this program is “Don’t hesitate, Do it! Do it Right away!” Since for him in 4 months they will be able to optimize their career.

If you want to boost your professional profile and have succeed as a Marketer, find out about the Digital Marketing Online Master.