User Experience & User Interface

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In this post we will talk about the User Experience and User Interface, essential concepts to create a good strategy in the field of user navigation experience. That the user have a great experience in their search process is a fundamental factor in every business. Also, for any company, the customer is one of the principal pieces and therefore, you have to know how to meet it by covering their exact needs.

User Interface (UI)

It is the part that the user sees on the web and with which it interacts. The UI establish the most graphic aspects such as design, typography, colors or the distribution of its elements. That is, it focus on the aspect of the website, its responsiveness and interactivity. The User Interface must be designed for ease of navigation on the web and be intuitive in order to generate interest in the user to return.

User experience (UX)

It is the experience that the user perceives while he interact with the website. It encompasses all the aspects related to the interaction between the user and a the web or with a product/service that form the user’s perceptions. If the elements that make up the design of the experience (text, sounds, the brand, among others) are useful and desirable for the user, he will have a good experience and therefore he will feel satisfied. On the other hand, if the web is not intuitive and it is difficult to navigate on it, the user will have a bad experience.

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The importance of UX

Generate a good user experience promotes repeat purchase because he feel satisfied and thus, loyalty in terms of sales is enhanced. It also improves the organic positioning of the web, and increases visibility in search engines so that it attracts more consumers. In addition, if a website is well designed, this generate positive experience for the user and he will find with more practicality what he seeks, offering effectiveness and efficiency in the content.

To analyze that the operation of the website is the correct, the user must

  • Know how to use the web and have accessibility: Everyone should have access to the product/service you offer, since if they do not know how to reach the destination, they will not be able to use what you are offering them.
  • Satisfy the needs: They must find the information that are looking for. Therefore, web design should help solve the need, it should not cost to find what they need; Items such as the intuitive navigation menu or the search bar layout are factors that influence this process.
  • Have credibility and validity: The website must convey confidence to users to generate the purchase repeat action on them, or by the simple fact that they provide, with total security, personal information such as the credit card number.

How to create a good user experience?

  • Create for the user: Design and build the web thinking about the users, with the objective to be useful to them and can meet their needs.
  • Know your users: Discover the profile of your users, what their objectives are and classify them according to their behavior on the web. For example, leads that have long been on the page or leads that have clicked on several pages of the web.
  • Archetype the web: Design the skeleton and establish how all the web pages will be connected between them. Keep in mind the design of the different versions in which users can view the web, whether from mobile, computer or tablet.
  • Optimize and Implement: The optimization starts from the first moment that the web is launched to solve problems and identify which approach is the correct. When you launch a web page, the new functionalities are introduced progressively and then its operation is analyzed. It is important to try different design models through the A/B test or multivariate tests to know exactly where the problems may come from and see with what design they solve it.

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