What is the SCRUM methodology?

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A better way of building Products

SCRUM is a work methodology that is done quickly and agile. Also, is a framework within which people can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value. It works in a certain time, and within this time it is segmented into phases or sprints to test each progress of the launch of a product or service.

The SCRUM methodology has a certain part of unforeseen circumstances, so having skilled profiles to find quick solutions will help the project to be more successful.There are no reflection times, it is thought and implemented almost at the same time. Why so? Because the product or service is already on the market and if something is wrong it’s better that just a few users experience that problem or bug.

What are Sprints?

As we have said, they are the phases in which the project is planned. It is usually done by weeks, normally lasting between 1-4 weeks. At the end of a part that includes a Sprint, the results of the previous one are analyzed and reported to apply improvements in the next one. This means that, although each phase has been planned for example in a week, according to the results the following weeks/sprints can change completely. But you should never start the project without having planned it, although it may change.

And if you are not convinced by this new methodology, think that those startups that started as small innovators by example Spotify use it. There are also other gigantic ones such as Apple or Adobe in which they assign teams to lead this type of agile methodology like SCRUM. So, if we make a prediction of the future, and watch the success of these companies in these types of launches, we see that the demand is being broader than the supply, so it would be an opportunity if you have experience related to project development. Or if you have a project manager or entrepreneur profile within technology sectors, startups, sales, marketing and you want a breakthrough or scale your profession.

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