Digital Business Modelling and Entrepreneurship

The Business Entrepreneurship program takes you onto the journey of creating a better tomorrow and empowers you to tap into the unknown to take on opportunities that are hidden in plain sight.

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Understand the entrepreneurial mindset to take on opportunities and create new business models from scratch

Start Date

May 2020




16 weeks


15 weeks online + 1 week on campus in Barcelona

Our world is moving faster every day, driven by technologies and new business models implemented by companies that are constantly challenging the status quo. Companies that weren’t existing 25 years ago are now the frontrunners in the global economy.

Traditional innovation models need to be updated to cope with this new level of change. Entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial approach to new business discovery have proven to be delivering results that can change everything whilst being a lean and cost-efficient approach in the implementation.


Career Development Opportunities (Roles): Entrepreneur, Intrapreneur, Business Development Manager, Innovation Manager, Board Member (COO, CEO, CTO, CFO, CDO), Product Manager, Business Analyst, Consultant, Project Manager

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Academic Content

Module 1: Entrepreneurial Thinking & Methods

In the first module of Business Entrepreneurship program we will focus on the entrepreneurial mindset and how convergent and divergent thinking shape the pathway. Additionally, the module introduces on typical tools of an entrepreneur like the Lean Canvas, the Business Model Canvas, Customer Segmentation as well as business model operations and the lean startup approach.

The aim of the first module is to empower you to act and think like an entrepreneur.

  • The Entrepreneurial Process from Idea to Scaling
  • Methodes 101: From Lean Canvas to Prototyping
  • The Venture Pyramide
  • The Lean Startup approach
  • Tools and methods beyond the hype

Module 2: Creativity & Business Model Discovery

In the second module it’s all about discovering a repeatable and scalable business model following the Problem Design and Design Thinking Methodology. On top, we will explore business model patterns and how to test different dimensions of the business model. We will look at business model fitting and how to align critical success factors. Finally, we will look into experimentation boards and how they can help validating the business model

The aim of the second module is to lay out the foundations of an attractive business model.

  • Cognitive Patterns of Creativity
  • The Problem Design Methodology
  • Design Thinking 101
  • Business Model Patterns
  • Business Model Experiments

Module 3: Customer Centric Product Development & Rapid Prototyping

In the third module we start building our product or service from a customer centric design approach. We will work out the difference between the value proposition and the product or service itself and define value attributes. Following that, we will use the Build-Measure-Learn framework to build first prototypes based on our experimentation boards and customer clinics.

The aim of the third module is to empower you to build validated, valuable and lean products or services.

  • Understanding your customer segments
  • Identifying the value proposition and value attributes
  • Prototyping: From paper to MVP
  • Build-Measure-Learn Iterations
  • Experimentation Boards and Customer Clinics

Module 4: Business Case Validation and Venture Financing

In the fourth module we are starting to put our entrepreneurial ventures out of the “safe space” and get into feasibility. We will not only crunch numbers but stress test each and every aspect of the business model. We will also look into financing mechanisms and how to take off with your venture.

The aim of the fourth module is to get you confident with your business model.

  • Understanding your business model
  • Crunching the numbers: Understanding the potential of your venture
  • Venture Financing 101: How to fund your idea
  • Bootstrapping and lean financing
  • Cash management

Module 5: Holistic Business Modelling & Communication

In the last module we are looking into the holistic dimension of the business model and work out on the last missing pieces. We are identifying the critical success factors and how to play them to move towards scalability. Additionally, we will prepare to pitch our venture and look into storytelling to create a complete story and a holistic picture of what you are doing.

The aim of the last module is to put it all together and get you ready for the market.

  • Understanding the success factors of your business model
  • Identifying the critical elements of your business model
  • Preparing your business model to scale
  • Business Model Operations
  • Pitching your venture and storytelling


1 Week 

Entrepreneurship sprint with on-site coaches to bring your idea to life

Iterating on the business model, Pitch and presentation training

Objetives of the Business Entrepreneurship program

1. Understand the entrepreneurial mindset to take on opportunities and create new business models from scratch
2. Become a creative powerhouse and solve complex problems 10 times faster than before by applying entrepreneurial methods and tools
3. Master the Lean Startup School by bringing your own project to live within the program, all by learning in a safe environment where failing is fluffy.
4. Deepen your understanding of exponential technologies and how to apply them, become savvy about the technologies that will drive our future.


David Wohde

WeWork Labs Manager

Robin Weninger

Managing Director of shapingwork

Kaitlin Kapur

General Partner at Vanity Capital

Karim Mustghni

Entrepreneur & Artist

Anne-Katrin Kaschadt

Consultant, Roland Berger | Curator, Global Shapers Community, World Economic Forum

Anne Jost

European Digital Leader bei World Economic Forum

Entrepreneurship and Digital Business program

Concepts, platforms and techniques in the course.

  • Lean Canvas,
  • Business Model Canvas,
  • Personas,
  • Financing Canvas,
  • Pitch Template,
  • Experimentation Boards,
  • Double Diamond,
  • Paper Prototyping,
  • Problem Design
  • Lean Startup,
  • Design Thinking,
  • Funnel Management,
  • Scrum, Agile,
  • Rapid Prototyping,
  • Customer Centricity
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