Exclusive Product Management Bootcamp

A one week intensive bootcamp

to master the skills of a modern Digital Product Manager while you live and experience in the paradise between successful Product Managers.

1 week of workshops and activities with top Product Managers of the world

Academic Content


On day one we will sharpen your personal profile and work with you on the skills required as a product manager.


On the second day we kickstart with a product development sprint, show you the tools to develop products from a customer centric perspective and demonstrate methods to validate your product idea within hours.


Day three is all about bringing your product idea to live. We will introduce you to the art of rapid prototyping, the design of minimum viable products and how to identify what really matters about your product.


We are almost there. On day four we are looking into the overall business model of your product, the strategic alignment and the fitting of the most critical assumptions of your product.


Final day, time to understand how to manage your product over its lifecycle, how to structure sales and marketing, how to deal with customers and how to build a scalable product. Additionally, you will present your product in front of a jury and get in depth feedback.

After the bootcamp you will be able to develop, manage and scale products and will be equipped with the tools and skills required for a successful career as a product manager.

An immersive experience of learning in the perfect location

This 15th Century Catalan manor offers every modern creature comforts you could dream of, but it has been carefully renovated in order to preserve its original character and beauty. The upstairs bedrooms offer some magnificent views to the hills and vineyards surrounding the village.

There’s a certain magic in the air in Sitges. The whitewashed coastal town lies on the Costa Brava, approximately 30km South of Barcelona. For decades Sitges has been a meeting place for people from all walks of life. The town is full to bursting with classic art deco buildings and the seafront promenade is lined with palm trees. Its 17 beaches are some of the best on the Mediterranean coastline.

For a week, this will be your home while living with digital product managers from around the world.

*All the participants will have fully paid hosting with:  All the meals, Tours, Networking, activities  and others
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Fernando Diaz Gestal

Product Director at King

Gastón Gorín

Main Product Manager at SkyScanner

Jana Knode

Consultant Digital Innovation and Designmanagement at MHP – A Porsche Company

Robin Weninger

Managing Director of GILT

LinkedIn ranks product manager as one of the most promising jobs, with 29% year-over-year growth in the United States alone

In our signature program bootcamp we take you on a journey to understand, build and manage digital products in a unique one week course. You will not only learn what makes a great product manager but also understand the design and development process of products holistically.

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Dates: 14 – 19 of September

Total cost of course: